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Cost Considerations

Cost Comparison

Our "Less is More" philosophy extends to the price of our building system. Even though our system delivers an extraordinary level of financial, physical and environmental benefits and advantages, it is usually priced below conventional stick built structures of the same footprint. Conventional on site constructed buildings of above average quality often fall into the $125.00 to $150.00 per square foot price range in a turn-key situation, less the cost of land.

Based on building packages including average level finish materials and amenities, a turn-key "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™ is priced between $90.00 to $132.00 per square foot. Our approach to pricing includes everything but the land, including many items that many other building systems leave out of their initial cost projections. In the end, the owner benefits by securing a far more rugged, energy efficient, low maintenance, open floor plan and Greener building for far less money from beginning to end.

Ownership Cost

Real estate comes with two groups of costs, one at the point of purchase, the "Sticker Price", and the other, every penny spent to purchase, own, operate and maintain a building until the day it is sold. Ownership cost is the difference between all these expenses less the net proceeds after selling the structure. The sticker price of a property is only a down payment on what it will cost in total to own and operate a structure. Today, focusing primarily on the selling price, and not putting as much, or more, emphasis on the long term realistic cost to insure, heat and cool and maintain the property, along with property tax and long term resale value implications leads to unnecessary higher ownership cost and lower return on investment. This building system has been strategically designed to deliver lower ownership cost and higher long term resale value.

Resale Value

Actual long term resale value plays a vital role in the full life cycle ownership cost and ROI equation. Planning for higher long term resale value involves considering the key factors that will affect market value and demand down the road. Among the key factors should include the overall operating cost of the building, the buildings ability to remain physically and structurally attractive after being exposed for years or decades to global warming’s more severe weather patterns and the buildings ratings relative to the far more stringent national building codes and environmental performance programs being adopted across the country. The "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™ either meets and/or exceeds the 2015 National Building Code along with all other current building and above building code standards. Considering the next generation of buyers, the millennials who want modern, different, efficient, techie and Green, building to suit their preferences today could likely facilitate increased market demand and both higher resale and ROI values down the road.

Compare Before Committing

Considering the level of long term financial commitment required when constructing new buildings, it is in the best interest of buyers to make their buying decision based on verifiable sound information. When comparing projected costs of any other building package to the "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™, be diligent in comparing what is and is not included in the projected costs to avoid substantially higher than expected additional expenses by the move in date.

Before signing the bottom line for new residential, multi-family, commercial, retail or professional buildings, carefully compare other building system's real world construction costs along with their legitimate long term financial, physical and environmental performance standards, and "Ownership Cost", against the "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™.