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Ultra-High Performance, Green & Affordable Buildings

By combining the many performance and structural benefits of arch, Quonset Hut, Gothic and timber frame style structures with the performance and structural benefits of high density curved SIP panels, our "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System" delivers a significantly higher level of long term Financial, Physical and Environmental Performance and Value than any other building system on the market today that can be capitalized on across most real estate sectors.

This web site covers our solution for providing new building owners with the quality, performance and value they should expect, and certainly deserve, considering the high cost of new construction today.

Building Styles

Arch: Our 5 key component Lego Block style construction system con be assembled into an endless range of arch and Gothic style structures.

Quonset Hut: We have converted traditional Quonset Hut style structures into true 21st century caliber Green and High Performance buildings.

Timber Frame & Post and Beam: We are offering modern and High Performance curved timber frame structures at significantly lower cost than traditional timber framed systems.

Gothic: We offer a wide range of different size and style Gothic packages to meet the needs of many different client requirements.

Green: All of our structures can meet or exceed the performance claims of our competitors but at a significantly lower up front cost to the owner.



The Ultimate in Simple, Very High Quality and Ultra-High Performance Residential, Professional and Commercial Buildings.


Competitive pricing - Low ownership cost - Shorter move-in schedule
Less building materials and other resources required per square foot of useable interior space
Ruggedness to handle heavy snow and wind loads - Unlimited interior layout opportunities
Unlimited exterior design opportunities - Very low energy requirements
Very low maintenance requirements - Eligible for LEED Gold rating
Easily adaptable for Net Zero performance - Higher long-term resale value
All delivered within a small environmental footprint


Residential - Vacation Home - Multi-Family - Condo - Recreational - Sports - Agricultural
Religious - Retail - Commercial - Professional, Green & High Performance Real Estate Sectors