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Mr. Thom L. Labrie, President of Shelter +7, Inc., has spent over forty years dedicating his efforts towards inventing and developing a wide range of next generation concepts, products and systems to improve the financial, social and environmental performance of products and companies in a variety of different sectors. Having been keenly aware for decades of the lack of truly "Out of the Box" level innovation in the general housing industry, he has spent the last few years quietly developing the "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™. He approached this product development project using his well proven "Common Sense", "Less is More" and "Leaders Break Rules" methodology. His ultimate objective was to provide the marketplace with a building system that delivered significantly higher financial, physical and environmental performance and value, at a lower full life cycle ownership cost, than any other system on the market today. As would be expected, and to the benefit of the residential, commercial and professional building sectors, the "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™ has more than achieved his goal. The more thoroughly you review this web site, the more you will appreciate the significant and "Game Changing" accomplishment that this building system is destined to achieve.

Mr. Labrie's visionary and pragmatic approach towards developing successful solutions and technologies for improving manufacturing performance and the utilization of underutilized and waste stream resources have generated patents, awards, recognitions and research grants from such organizations as the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, the Maine Technology Institute, the US Department of Energy, the USDA, the US Forest Service, the Army Corp of Engineers and others. He has published dozens of articles and produced dozens of educational seminars focused on generating significantly more financial, social and environmental benefits by simply improving the management of existing resources. Shelter +7, Inc, is providing him with the platform to move his creativity into the construction industry.

For the purpose of providing additional value and performance to his "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™, Mr. Labrie is continually developing additional system options and enhancements to add even more financial, physical and environmental benefits and advantages for clients who want the highest value and performance possible for their real estate investment.