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"Single Source Solution" Approach

Providing customer centric "Single Source Solution" program requires a comprehensive team of service providers to efficiently handle a client's many needs when purchasing a new building. A client may well require assistance in determining proper building site utilization, utilities layout, building and floor plan design, selection of finishing materials, selling existing buildings, securing a mortgage and any number of other services needed that can materialize during the process of moving into new real estate.

Archtype Structures Inc. has assembled the strategic team necessary to provide clients with the many services they may require when purchasing an "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™. This broad based team brings together both the extensive knowledge, quality oriented and hands on experience of old school entrepreneurs and trades people, along with the new school energy and innovation provided by our millennial team members.

Our objective is to use a 21st century approach for delivering old world quality, service and value.

Thom Labrie

Thom Labrie – Design, Product Development & Sales

Thom Labrie, President of Shelter +7, Inc., is the creator of the "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™. The development of this 21st century construction concept follows several decades dedicated towards inventing and developing a wide range next generation concepts, products and systems to improve the financial, social and environmental performance of companies in a variety of different sectors. This system has evolved as a solution for providing building owners with significantly higher financial, physical and Greener performing structures for their residential, commercial professional needs. Ultimately, his objective was to develop a building system that, within a smaller environmental footprint, delivered more comfort, versatility and security at both a lower up front and full life cycle ownership cost. Ultimately, this "Out of the Box", "Common Sense" and "Less is More" system has achieved the objectives, and significantly more.

Mr. Labrie's visionary and pragmatic approach towards developing successful solutions and technologies for improving manufacturing performance and the utilization of underutilized and waste stream resources have generated patents, awards, recognitions and research grants from such organizations as the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, the Maine Technology Institute, the US Department of Energy, the USDA, the US Forest Service, the Army Corp of Engineers and others. He has published dozens of articles and produced dozens of educational seminars focused on generating significantly more financial, social and environmental benefits by simply improving the management of existing resources.

Robert Bower

Robert Bower – Manufacturing, Construction & Sales

Bob Bower, the president of Archtype Structures, Inc, has decades of hands on experience in most every sector of the construction industry. From owning and operating a building materials supply company to manufacturing modular homes, from building residential and commercial buildings to remodeling and modernizing under-performing structures, and from running a rapidly growing spray foam insulation operation to constructing large steel and fabric hoop structures, he takes pride in his ability and reputation for delivering high quality, high performance and trend setting high value buildings.

Archtype Structures, Inc., has been selected as the exclusive Manufacturing and System Assembly Dealer for the Shelter +7, Inc. "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™ for the State of Maine. The selection was made based on the company's 40 plus years of experience in the commercial and residential construction sectors along with its solid reputation for delivering high quality workmanship and satisfied customers. The match between both company’s presidents personal, work and business ethics made the collaboration a natural fit.