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Exceptionally Low Energy & Maintenance, Rugged, Versatile, Green and Affordable

Lower Cost – Rugged & Fast Construction
Unlimited Interior Layout & Exterior Design Possibilities
Very Low Energy & Maintenance – Smaller Environmental Footprint
Higher Long Term Resale Value & ROI

Serving The Residential, Vacation Home, Multi-family,
Agricultural, Recreational, Sports, Commercial,
Professional, Retail & Green Construction Sectors

"Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™

This arch type construction system uses modern technology, materials and knowhow to turn laminated timbers and structural insulated panels into a 21st century and Lego block style building system for the residential, multi-family, commercial and professional real estate sectors. This "Common Sense" concept builds upon the many valuable advantages of Quonset hut and hoop style construction as the foundation for creating very rugged, super insulated, low maintenance and very Green buildings for everyone from upcoming millennials to down-sizing baby boomers. This “Less is More” construction concept is unmatched for the significant financial, physical and environmental benefits it delivers.

It's Time to Move Out of the Box and Into the Future