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The Ultimate in Simple, Very High Quality and Ultra-High Performance Residential, Professional and Commercial Buildings.


Competitive pricing - Low ownership cost - Shorter move-in schedule
Less building materials and other resources required per square foot of useable interior space
Ruggedness to handle heavy snow and wind loads - Unlimited interior layout opportunities
Unlimited exterior design opportunities - Very low energy requirements
Very low maintenance requirements - Eligible for LEED Gold rating
Easily adaptable for Net Zero performance - Higher long-term resale value
All delivered within a small environmental footprint


Residential - Vacation Home - Multi-Family - Condo - Recreational - Sports - Agricultural
Religious - Retail - Commercial - Professional, Green & High Performance Real Estate Sectors

Watch Our "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™ Informational Video

"Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System"™

This rugged arch style system uses modern technology, materials and knowhow to assemble truly rugged, versatile and state of the art "Less is More" Green structures for clients who want exceptionally high quality, high performance and higher long-term resale value buildings. An innovative Lego Block style approach using only steel connectors, laminated timbers and structural insulated panels generates and exceptionally rugged, free standing, super insulated and weather tight building shell that can be finished into an unlimited range of residential, commercial and other uses. There is "NO" other building system today that can match the overall quality, financial, physical and environmental performance and value, along with its long list of invaluable benefits and advantages, that the "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System" delivers, especially at anywhere near its affordable and sensible price.

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