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Floor Plans

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32ft x 36ft Gothic Series

The layouts included in this section are only a small sample of what can be created using a 32' wide by 36' long basic Gothic building shell structure.

Versatility: The unique versatility of our free standing "Ultra-High Performance Building Shell System" allows for an endless variety of floor plan layouts and exterior designs limited only by a client's imagination and budget across all sizes and profile shapes of our system.

Foundation: The structure can be constructed on full, stepped or daylight basements, on concrete slabs and on raised platforms in floor plain areas.

Interior Layout: The interior can be designed to have a full second floor or a loft layout which provides area for a full height vaulted ceiling. To expand interior floor area, as well as create unique building shell design features, dormers, room extensions and other exterior add on sections can be created on any side and on any level.

Floor Area: The first floor provides about 1,150 square feet of usable area. A full second floor provides about 1,040 square feet of usable area. A half loft provides about 520' square feet of usable area with about the same area open for a vaulted ceiling over the first floor. The usable square foot area with a full second floor is about 2,200 feet and with a half loft about 1,670 feet.

32ft Wide Gothic Series With Bump Outs

All model and size building shells can have first and second floor bump out extensions added to increase interior space. The following main floor layouts represent only a few examples of what can be added to our standard building shell packages.

More Floor Plans

Again, because these exceptionally rugged structures are free standing there is no limit to the variety of interior layouts that can be created to serve the needs of the residential, multi-family, apartment, condo, vacation home, camp, work shop, storage, agricultural, retail, commercial, professional, religious and other real estate sectors. In addition, this free standing approach can provide for much easier and less costly remodeling projects in the future. Design assistance can be provided to create a floor plan to suit your personal desires and needs.